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Texture Paste, Stencil and DL stamps

Hello crafters!

Here is a Card made by crafters at our regular workshops.  It uses Phills new 8×8 Stencils with glittery Sparkle Texture Paste! It also features his gorgeous DL Collage stamps with three different colours of embossing powders.


Stage 1 – cut out all the layers and die cut pieces needed as below:

  • Card Base- 18x18cm
  • Layer 1 – 17x17cm coloured/Texture Paste
  • Layer 2 – 14 x 14 plain
  • Layer 3 – 13.5 x 13.5 colour
  • Layer 4 – 12.5 x 12.5 plain
  • Layer 5 – 11.5 x 11.5 colour/embossed
  • Maggie Die and Topper
  • Oak Leaf Swag
  • Succulent Garden

Stage 2 – choose your 8×8 stencil and 2 or 3 sparkle texture paste colours. Our main card uses the Summer Meadow stencil and platinum, new gold and copper sparkle texture paste. Tape down the stencil over the card layer and apply the texture paste, using smooth strokes in the same direction. Set aside to dry.


TIP – Be careful to wipe your spatula when you change colours or blend so as not to contaminate the other pots.

Stage 3 – choose your DL Collage stamp and co-ordinating detail embossing powder to use on the top layer. Wipe with an anti static dust bag. You need to tackle this layer in two halves! Apply perfect medium to the stamp and stamp the image on one half. Apply the detail embossing powder one colour at a time in separate areas. When all three colours are applied use a heat gun to set. Repeat on other half.

TIP – make sure you apply the embossing powder one at a time and tip the excess powder back into the pot after each colour!

Stage 4 – if you wish to stamp your flowers use the same method above with the anti static bag etc. Work with a couple of flowers at a time to apply the embossing powder. Choose your sentiment for the topper.

TIP – you can apply the embossing powder to all the flowers first and then heat them all at once


Stage 5 – apply the layers, using foam tape where you wish. Shape the flowers and assemble!

The Full Card

Card Gallery

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Here’s what we used with links to our website if you wish to purchase the items…

We hope you enjoy making this card!


Sentiment Cloud with Distress Oxides

Hello Crafters!

Here is a card made by crafters at our regular workshops. All cards featured are made by our crafters 🙂

This card uses Phill’s new Sentiment Cloud Stamps and Distress Oxide Inks.  It also features Sue Wilson Peony Flower, Maidenhair Fern and Pierced Flags.


Stage 1 – Cut out all the layers and die cut pieces needed as below:

  • Card Blank – 21cm x 17.5cm
  • Layer 1 – 20cm x 16.5cm
  • Layer 2 – 19.5cm x 16cm (embossed)
  • Layer 3 – 16.5cm x 13cm
  • Layer 4 – 16cm x 12.5cm (cloud stamp)
  • Pierced Flags
  • Complete Peony

Stage 2 – To colour the embossed layer use a brayer and ink up your chosen Distress Oxide Colour.  Lightly run the brayer over the embossed side (don’t put too much pressure on).  You might need to re-ink a few times.


Stage 3 – To stamp the Senitment Cloud you need to stamp in twice.  Ink the Sentiment Cloud generously with the Distress Oxide and stamp the top half, pressing firmly.  Apply clear embossing powder over the stamped image and use a heat gun to gently set the powder to a lovely glossy finish. Repeat with bottom half of the layer.

TIP – Don’t worry if there is a slight gap where the two stamps meet; this will be hidden with the pierced flag.


Stage 4 – To colour the flowers press the Distress ink onto a blending mat so that there is a good covering.  Spray with water until small droplets appear, then rub the flowers into the colour.  Leave to dry naturally as this will create a lovely effect.

TIP – some of our lovely crafters added a background stamp over their flowers to create more interest.  This is a lovely effect!

Stage 5 – Stamp your chosen sentiment onto the Pierced Flag and add clear embossing powder if you wish

Stage 6 – Shape your flowers and assemble your layers, using foam tape on the top layers to add dimension.  Add pearls or Pearl PVA to the centre of the flower and any glitter as you wish.

Here is the full card in different colour ways….

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Here is what we used with links to our www….

Enjoy making this simple, but stunning card!


DL Stamps, Pixies & Hexagons

Hello lovely crafters!

Here is a card made at our regular workshops using Phills new DL collage stamps, pixie powders and Sue Wilson Bella die.  It also features the ever versatile Camellia Flower die and the Essential Sentiments Set.


Stage 1 – Cut out all the layers and die cut pieces needed as below:

  • Layers:
    • Card Blank – 21cm x 21cm
    • Plain Layer – 19cm x 19cm
    • Inked Layer – 18.5cm x 18.5cm
  • Die Cuts:
    • Sue Wilson Pierced Flags
    • Sue Wilson Camellia Flower
    • Sue Wilson Bella Die
    • Sue Wilson Stitched Octagon for layers in centre of Bella Die
    • Sue Wilson Magical Butterflies

Stage 2 – Select your chosen Pixie Powder Colour/s.  Our main sample card uses just Ancient Copper, but a mixture of colours looks just as fab!

(Phill’s new Shimmer Shakers would be fabulous on this card as the colours are more intense)

Arrange the die cuts onto a piece of kitchen roll on top of a blending mat. Tap the powders onto all the flowers, the largest pierced flag, both butterflies and the smallest Octagon.  Spray with water to disperse the powder and leave to dry.

Stage 3 – Select your chosen DL Collage Stamp. (Our sample card uses the Grungetangled DL Stamp and Black Soot Distress Oxide).  Ink up the stamp so that only the middle section is covered, taking care not to leave a hard line across the stamp.  Stamp the image onto the right hand side of the card layer, a little away from the edges.


Stage 4 – Select a different DL Collage Stamp, an A6 Rubber Background Stamp or a small stamp.  The main sample card uses one of the Splats from the Splatterlicious Textures Stamp Set.

Stamp around the edges of the card layer, taking care not to overload the card as it will look too busy.  We have also added the stamp onto the Pixie Octagon.


Stage 5 – Select your chosen sentiment from the new ‘Essential Sentiments’ Stamp Set and stamp onto the smallest flag.


Stage 6 – Shape your flowers and assemble the card! Use Foam Tape where you wish to add dimension.

You can add pearls and glitter if you wish.

The Full Card in different colour ways…

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Here’s what we used with links to the www…

we hope you enjoy making this card!


New Stamp Collections – Sneaky Peeks!

Hello Everyone

It’s almost time,… almost!

Not long to wait until my 2 new stamp collections are released and they will be available to pre order on my website later today!

There will also be some of my new Cosmic Shimmer products in a few weeks (and I’m excited about those too!!)

So, here are a couple more sample cards that I’ve made, one with each new stamp collection.

It’s been so much fun creating these cards,.. thinking a little differently, as you can see, they are very different to what I usually design (which is something I really wanted for this year,.. something fresh and new!)

Here you go… (little hint for you – the Henna Ink card was created with something new, not Pixie Powders!)

Henna Ink
Congratulations Cloud

Anyhoo, I hope you like these cards as much as I do!

Happy Crafting!

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More sneaky peeks of my new stamps!

Hello Everyone

After an amazing, busy weekend at Hochanda (thanks everyone!), I gave myself a ‘sort of’ day off yesterday (which means I still worked, but from home, with lots of cups of tea!)

I’m so excited about my new stamps release and thank you for all your lovely comments on here and on my Facebook Page 🙂 I’m glad you’re as excited as me!

Yep, they are very different for me. (this is what I worked so hard to do, to give us something different)

Yep, they are amazing!

Yep, they will allow us even more scope to create.

I cannot wait to launch these on TV and show you all the ideas I had in my head when I designed these stamps! (it will be March though as I’m too busy in February)

(Retailers – You will get to see these in action with myself at Stitches)

So, there are two new stamp collections being released at the same time.

Both very different from each other and both just as fab as the next 🙂 (I may be, just may be, slightly biased! ha ha)

I’ve decided to give you a couple of sneaky peeks of cards I’ve made with the new collections every couple of days,.. so you can see what I’ve been up to and to give you a taste of what the stamps are.. I won’t reveal the complete collection until they are available for you to order from my website (it’ll keep us excited)

Here are the next two cards…

One from each collection, I’ve done them in a slideshow ooooh (didn’t even know I could do that on this Blog ha ha)

I hope you like them,.. I have loved creating these cards with them!

The tall card is an ‘oversized’ DL card and the square card is a 7×7 card 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ll show you a couple more in a few days,..

Remember to leave your comments for me, I do read them all and value your input 🙂

Happy Crafting!

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New Stamps – Sneaky Peek!

Hello Everyone

It’s that time of year,.. when we are all waiting and excited to see the new products from everyone,…

You probably know that, traditionally, I launch my new ranges at Stitches (our trade show), which is mid Feb, so the actual products don’t start filtering through to our craft stores until early-mid March, well, …

This year, you won’t have to wait so long,.. we’ve decided to release them early-mid February!!!

I’ve had sooooo many people asking when they are coming that we’ve managed to get them earlier…

The retailers will still get to see them at Stitches, with me demonstrating them, but they can now be ordered earlier, which means you’ll get them quicker too 🙂

So,.. I’m not going to give away full details, all I can tell you is that they are amazing and very different to what I usually do 🙂

I’ve loved designing them and loved making the sample cards even more,.. I can’t wait to demo them on tv for you all (March)

(There will also be some fab new Cosmic Shimmer products, but more on that later 😉 )

Here are a couple of cards I’ve made (1 from each of the two ranges of new stamps), to whet your appetite 🙂

Hope you like them 🙂

I’ll keep you posted on when you can order these stamps from my website (soon)

Happy Crafting!




Stencils, Glitter Kiss and Sparkly Fingers

Hello Everyone

I wanted to show you this card, that we made at my workshops last week, making good use of Cosmic Shimmer Glitter Kiss and my Sentimentally Yours Stencils.

Have you used/tried Glitter Kiss yet? It’s an amazing product that can be used with stencils, embossing folders, direct to mdf/card, painted with, applied with a spatula to mixed media projects for texture and even to just cover your scraps of card with lovely sparklyness to be die cut at a later date!

It also dries waaaay quicker than regular texture paste!

The glitter in Glitter Kiss is the Cosmic Shimmer Polished Silk glitter, which is ultra fine, tiny, tiny specks of glitter and this makes it easy to work with and very different to Sparkle Texture Paste. The colours in Glitter Kiss are incredible and you can ‘build up’ layers of these colours and they won’t just all blob into one colour (technical term ha ha)

Here are two cards I made with my workshops last week, very different colours, very different finish (just imagine the Blue/Silver one as a Christmas Card with my Snowflakes Stencil!)

So, as always, here is a little list of what I used (with links to my website, should you ‘need’ to treat yourself to any of the products so you can recreate this card)

To begin, I applied the lighter colour of the Glitter Kiss through my stencil onto a solid stitched hexagon die cut (make sure it’s a little bigger than the aperture from the frame)(I used my Spatula, why mess about with doing hundreds of swipes with a sponge when the spatula does it more easily!), then left this to one side for 5 – 10 minutes to give it some drying time (leave the stencil on). When you come back to it, the glitter kiss will be ‘touch’ dry, I then added the second, darker colour of glitter kiss in random areas (making sure I didn’t cover the base colour). If you look at the two cards I made, you’ll see I did ‘random’ on the Ice Blue/Green card and tried to do all the bottom left corners of the stencil design (not being too careful) on the Blue Teal/Silver Chrome one)… just gives it a different look 🙂

You can then remove the stencil and leave to dry (only takes 20 – 30 mins)

Whilst that was drying, I did the embossed piece of card… this is soooo easy!

As before, using my lightest colour of glitter kiss, I applied a small amount to my applicator sponge and with very light, sweeping morions, went from left to right across the piece of card. I did this on all the bits that would be visible. This dried very quickly, in fact, by the time you get to the bottom part of the card, the top will have dried!

(TOP TIP – Make sure you don’t have any lumps of glitter kiss on your applicator sponge as they will bet stuck in the debossed areas of the card)

Just build up the amount of glitter kiss you have on the embossed areas until you’re happy.

I then turned my card around and did the same thing with the second, darker colour. What you end up with is a beautiful, glittery, two toned piece of embossed card (there’s just no other way you can achieve this so easily, not that I’ve found anyway)

To cover the die cut daisies and butterfly etc, just dab the glitter kiss straight on with your finger (don’t rub, as that just moves the product around) and repeat in the two colours until you’re happy with the finish. Trust me when I say, the glitter kiss just wipes off your finger/mats etc with a grime boss and it washes off your stencils easily in warm soapy water. You will have a lovely, sparkly finger!

To add the sentiment (this is why I love my corner sentiments), I used two co-ordinating colours of Distress Oxide ink pads and stamped the first half of the stamp on one section of the hexagon, then repeated on the next section of hexagon (clever, eh) Just remember to mask off the half of stamp you’re not using or you’ll get ink where you don’t want it!

I then just assembled the card as you see in the photos,, (you know me and my love affair with foam tape, there’s foam tape on both layers of the hexagons ha ha)

These are 7×7 cards and would work just as well on a smaller scae or as 8×8 cards with a bit more matting and layering.

Have a go… easy peasy 🙂

Ice Blue and Sea Green
Blue Teal and Silver Chrome

Hope you like these cards too, I’ve loved making them!

Finally, before I go, the winner of my last Giveaway Card (The Mustard Seed/Spiced Marmalade Distress Paints Card) is….

Julie Ironmonger

Well done Julie, can you email me your address to or send me a direct message on Facebook/Twitter etc

Happy Crafting!

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Dunking, Stamping, Dipping, Brushing with Distress Paints! (and a giveaway card)

Hi Everyone

You’ve probably heard of (or at least got a few) Distress Ink Pads, maybe Distress Oxide Ink Pads or some Distress Crayons even, but have you ever had a go with the fabulous Distress Paints?! (dabbers)

I have to confess, I’ve had mine for ages and only really ever used them with stencils or mdf, so I had a proper ‘play’ last week and created these cards.

I dry brushed with them, stencilled with them, diluted them with water, flicked them and yes, stamped with them… so many ways to use these and you can even watercolour with them!! (and it’s a very different finish to ink pads)

Now you know I don’t ‘do’ dirty or messy, but, actually, I don’t mind it (as long as the results are pretty!) ha ha

So, as always, here is a little list of what I used (with links to my website, should you ‘need’ to treat yourself to any of the products so you can recreate this card)

This project is a little time consuming, but the results are so worth it!

To begin, I dabbed some of the Distress Paint onto my lovely Sentimentally Yours blending mat (did you know that I have 2 blending mats, one for each stamping mat and they are designed to fit perfectly!) and picked up very little paint onto the tip of my paint brush (any brush will do, but  prefer the longer bristled ones) and then, with a sweeping motion, brushed a little onto the card, repeating the process until you have as much or as little colour as you like,.. I then repeated this with the second colour, just overlapping the first colour.

I love the dry brushed effect, it gives some fab ‘scratchy’ texture that is harder to acheive with ink pads.

I then used my Doodle Hearts stencil and dry brushed some random areas (you can stipple through the stencil if you wish)

Then I used my distress paint dabber to apply paint directly onto my cracked and splattered stamp and just stamped small areas in the background (it adds a little depth and more texture)(I adore this stamp – so useful!)

TOP TIP – Leave all the paint that’s left over on your mat, we’ll be using it all up for the flowers!

Now, the fun part, spritz water onto the paint that’s left on your mat (I tried to keep my two colours seperate so it didn’t mix the colour), I dipped my flowers, face down, into the lighter colour (giving it a good covering), then dunked the flower onto the darker colour (making sure it was all patchy and blotchy!)(trust me – It looks amazing when dried)

(I saved some smaller flowers in plain white)

I’m a great believer in leaving things to dry naturally, but, if you have no patience, you can force dry your flowers with a heat tool.

I then shaped my flowers as you see in the photo’s.

If you have a go at this card, you’ll notice that the paints make the flowers feel chalky and slightly textured (I absolutely love this!!) They all (no matter what colours you use) look really ‘shabby chic’ 🙂

The centre of my flowers is the amazing Pearl PVA Glue (we now call it 3D Pearl Accents!) and one of the benefits of my extensive colour range is that there is sure to be one of my colours that co-ordinates with the distress colours.. (I’ve listed the colours I used on the shopping list at the start of my post)

TOP TIP – The Cosmic Shimmer Glitter Jewels and Diamond Frost Glitters are amazing over the top of the pearl pva glue (doesn’t change the colour of the glue, but gives it some sparkle)

Below are 3 (yep, loved it that much) cards that I made, 2 portrait and 1 landscape, to show you how they look)

As it’s my first post of 2018, I am going to give the first one (Mustard Seed & Spiced Marmalade) card away!

Just make sure you are a follower of my Blog and leave me a comment on here and I will choose a name randomly from the comments on Sunday 21st January (prob in the evening).. good luck!

Happy Crafting!

Phill Signature 2

Weatherd Wood/Vintage Photo
Spiced Marmalade/Mustard Seed
Bundled Sage/Dusty Concord


I hope you like these cards and have a go yourself, the Distress Paints are amazing and so many techniques you can do with them!

Have fun


Industrial Chic – Gilding Polish, Texture Paste and Pixie Powders

Hello crafters!

Here is a card made at our regular card-making classes.  All the featured cards have been made by the lovely people who come to our classes. 🙂

This card was made using Sue Wilson Industrial Chic Dies, Gilding Polishes and Texture Paste sprinkled with Pixie Powders.  It also uses Phill’s Timeless Stamp collection and A5 Stencils to co-ordinate with the masculine, industrial theme.

We gave our lovely crafters the choice of making a standard opening card or a twisted easel card, so we have included examples of each for you in the gallery.

Stage 1 – Cut out all the layers and die cuts needed as below:

  • Card Blank – 17cm x 17cm
  • Easel Back Card – 17cm x 17cm (you don’t need this layer if you’re making a standard card)
  • Layer 1 – 16cm x 16cm – Gilding Polish layer
  • Layer 2 – 15cm x 15cm – Texture Paste layer
  • Layer 3 – 13cm x 7cm – Gilding Polish layer
  • Layer 4 – 12.5cm x 6.5cm – Stamped layer (Timeless)
  • Easel Base Layer – 16.5cm x 16.5cm – Embossed with Fine Finials embossing folder (if making a standard card, use this for the inside of the card if you wish)
  • Die Cuts:
    • Sue Wilson Industrial Chic Frame & Tag Die
    • Sue Wilson Industrial Chic Mixed Essentials Die (choose any selection you wish)

Stage 2 – Using the smallest square layer (15cm x 15cm), choose your colour of Texture Paste in either Sparkle or Pearl and whichever Stencil you like.  Apply the texture paste with a spatula evenly through the Stencil, putting any excess back in the pot.

TIP -Remember to use long strokes when applying texture paste and try to apply in the same direction (i.e. up/down).  As Phill would say ‘you’re not buttering bread’! 🙂 .

Choose one, two or three Pixie Powders to compliment your colour and tap over the wet texture paste.  You can apply the Pixie Powders with the Stencil still in place or after you remove it; it’s personal preference, but I keep the stencil on.   Leave to dry fully.  ( 30 mins to 1 hour depending on air temperature)

Our crafter has used the ‘Grunge Dots’ A5 Stencil with Decadent Teal Sparkle Texture Paste and Pixie Powders in just Copper. (left image)

The right image is made with ‘Grunge Dots’  and Frosted Sky Pearl Texture Paste with Pixie Powders in Copper, Bronze and Midnight Blue.

Stage 3 – Choose your Gilding Polish Colours and apply to the appropriate layers and die cuts where you wish.  Using two Gilding Polishes enables you to create that ‘grungy’ look.  We used our finger to create the softer, distressed look with our second colour.

TIP- If you’re making the easel card version be sure to use the smallest die from the Frame & Tag Die Set as this makes the stopper for the base card.

Here our crafter has used ‘Mint’ and Copper Shine’ Gilding Polishes and I love it!

Stage 4 – Stamp the background layer and your sentiment using the ‘Timeless Stamp Collection.  Here our crafter has used two Distress Oxide Colours (Peacock Feathers and Walnut Stain)  to create that co-ordinated look.

Image 6

Stage 5 – Assemble all the layers using foam tape where you wish, but definitely on the Frame & Tag topper to add dimension.

TIP – If making the twisted easel card remember to include the easel back card layer so it can stand up! At this point it will be flat card as we need to add it to the easel!

Apply the embossed layer to the inside/base of the card.

image 7

Making the Twisted Easel – to make the twisted easel place the card blank so the card opens upwards as in the photo below.  Take the top left corner and fold over to meet the right middle corner. Crease the fold really well.  This creates the stand for your Easel Back Card.

Apply glue generously to the front of the folded over piece and stick down your main card layer so it faces you.

TIP – I always keep the card blank facing this way, so that I know I am sticking it down right!

Now you have to place the stopper die cut piece on the base layer, so that your easel actually stand up!  As a general rule I place the stopper half way or a little higher.

The Full Cards

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s what we used with links to the website…

We hope you enjoy making this card!