Christmas Delight

Here’s a lovely Christmas cards made during our workshops.

This card uses Phill’s Triple Layering Stencils and Christmas DL Silhouette Stamps with either inks or embossing powders.  We have also used The Stately Double Debossed Squares and Sue Wilson Poinsettia Dies.

The Full Card

Photo 30-11-2019, 12 37 21

Stage 1 – Cut out all the layers and die cuts needed as below:

  • Base Card is 19cm x 19cm
  • Top/Bottom Inked Panel – 18.5cm x 5.5cm (x2)
  • Top/Bottom Stenciled Panel – 18cm x 5cm (x2)
  • Stately Double Debossed Squares – x2 on front and x2 inside
  • Image Piece – 9cm x 9cm
  • Poinsettia and Holly

TIP – We cut the card at 6cm down from the top and used the offcut to create some of the other panels to save card!

Stage 2 – Choose 1, 2 or 3 stencils to create your stenciled panels and the same number of coordinatng inks. Decide if you want to layer the pattern or offset the pattern – it looks stunning either way! Working with largest stencil first create your own unique background on both panel pieces.

TIP – Start with the lightest colour, especially if you are layering the patterns on top of each other.

Stage 3 – Choose your DL Silhouette stamp and either ink or one of the stunning embossing powders to create the main image.

TIP – don’t forget these are long stamps, so choose which part of the stamp you want to use and make sure it fits securely on your stamping platform so you can stamp the image a few times for full coverage.

Stage 4 – Ink up the Double Debossed Squares for the front and inside.  Colour the Poinsettias if you wish.

stage 5 – Assemble the layers, using foam tape where you wish. Finish with glitter or pearls!

Other samples…..

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Here’s what we used with links to our www…..

Sentimentally Yours Products:

Other Products:

We hope you enjoy making this card!

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Stencils and Luna Paste

Hello crafters!

Here’s a card made at our regular card making workshops.

It uses Phill’s 8×8 Stencils, Christmas Sentiment Cloud Stamps, Background Stamps and Various Christmas Sentiment Stamps. We have also used The Angelina Die Frame, Classic Poinsettia and Poinsettia Additions and Christmas Leaf dies.

Our main sample card uses  Chipped Sapphire Oxide, Snowflake Trails Stencil, Christmas Sentiment Cloud, Snowflake Background Stamp and Snowflake Sentiments Stamps.  The Luna Paste is Moonlight Storm.


Stage 1 – cut out all the layers and die cut shapes are below

  • Card Blank – 21cm x 21cm
  • Layer 1 – 20.5cm x 20.5cm (inked)
  • Layer 2 – 19.5cm x 19.5cm (stencil)
  • Layer 3 – 14.5cm x 14.5cm (inked)
  • Layer 4 – 14cm x 14cm (stamped)
  • Border strip
    • 14.5cm x 2.5cm (inked)
    • 14cm x 14cm (stamped)
  • Die Cuts
    • Sue Wilson Angelina Frame
    • Sue Wilson Classic Poinsettia
    • Sue Wilson Poinsettia Additions
    • Sue Wilson Berry Bough/Christmas Floral Stem

Stage 2 – Choose your 8×8 Stencil and Luna Paste and paste the 19.5cm layer.  Leave to dry.

Stage 3 – Choose a coordinating Distress Oxide Ink and ink the appropriate layers and parts of the Angelina die frame as you wish.  Ink the poinsettias as you wish

Stage 4 –  Stamp one of the Christmas Sentiment Clouds and apply clear embossing powder to make the ink shiny and stand out more.



Stage 5 – Choose a background stamp for the border layer and ink as above.


Stage 6 – Assemble all the layers and add glitter as you wish

Other card samples…

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Here’s what we used with links to the website if you wish to purchase any items…

Sentimentally Yours:

Sue Wilson Dies:

Cosmic Shimmer Luna Paste

Ranger Distress Oxide Inks

We hope you enjoy making this card


Christmas DL Card

Here is our latest blog post.

This card was made using Phills DL Christmas Collage stamps, Christmas Verse and Sentiment Duo. Our Crafter’s chose to use either snowflake dies or poinsettia dies on their cards.

Our main sample card uses faded jeans and peacock feathers distress oxide ink colours, but as always we have included samples made with other colour ways.

The Full Card


Stage 1 – cut out all the layers and die cut pieces needed as follows:

  • Base Card – 21cm x14.5cm
  • Inked Layer – 20.5cm x 14cm
  • Stamped Layer – 19cm x 9cm
  • Embossed Layer – 19cm x 4cm (two pieces)
  • Inked Layer Inside – 14.5cm x 2cm (two pieces)
  • Inside Verse Layer – 10cm x 11cm
  • Die Cuts
    • Snowflakes or Poinsettias/Holly

Stage 2 – ink the background layer with your two chosen colours of distress oxides.

Stage 3 – colour the snowflakes or poinsettia die cuts. We have made our snowflakes shiny by pressing them into perfect medium and covering with clear embossing powder then heat.

Stage 4 – choose a DL Collage stamp and ink up with two distress inks colours. Press very firmly to ensure even coverage or use a stamping platform. Some of our Crafter’s then covered the image with clear embossing powder and heat set.

Stage 5 – ink the stamp again and stamp the two inside strips.

Stage 6 – choose a Christmas Verse stamp and ink with your two colours.

Stage 7 – assemble the layers, lifting the embossed layers with foam tape. add glitter where you wish and either pearls or pearl PVA in the centres.

Other colour samples

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Here’s what we used with links to the website…

We hope you enjoy making this card!


Mixed Media – My Way!

Hi Everyone

It’s funny isn’t it,.. how we think we can’t do something,.. until we have a go. (this is a long post, but hey, it’s the first one I’ve done for ages! ha ha)

That’s just like me and ‘mixed media’,.. I NEVER thought it would be ‘my thing’, although I do use lots of different products in my card making like paints, waxes, ink misters, pastes and so on… and there are no rules that say ‘mixed media’ has to be dark and gloomy,.. which you’ll never really see from me,.. even when I do my collage stamps,.. they’re pretty ha ha

So, I’m going to take you on a little mixed media journey with me, as I learn how to apply all the skills I already have (and learn new ones!) into what we call ‘mixed media’, but done my way.

Mixed Media – in my mind, is quite simply using different textures, products, materials, techniques and styles to create something unique.. there’s no right or wrong, just what you want it to be,.. for me,.. that’s pretty 🙂

I have created 3 canvasses now, two that I created for my Crafternoon Tea Workshops in our Nottingham and Sheffield Honeypot Crafts stores and one that I finished yesterday, that I have lovingly spent a long time getting right (it will be part of my festive dining room decoration for years to come!)

You can see my Crafternoon Tea Workshop ones over on My Pinterest page, these are 8×8 canvasses, which felt ‘safe’ to start with as it’s my favourite size of card!

This one I’m going to show you is a 20″ x 12″ canvas,.. see, I got brave after the first two and went bigger!

I found that preparation really is key, getting the base textures right and planning (you know I like to be organised!) my embellishments etc

I have two textures on my base, one created from Soft White Texture Paste (absolute must have)(the woody look, done first) and the other from our White Crackle Paste (added after), here’s a little close up of them both..

Once both layers were dry, I painted with White Gesso – twice, to make sure it was covered thoroughly 🙂

Poinsettia Canvas 2Poinsettia Canvas 1

You will also notice the fab little white balls, these are artsy stones by Crafters Companion and fab for adding texture, even easier to paint your chosen colour! These were dropped into the texture paste when it was still wet so that they set into it as it dried,.. I did lose a few on the painting stage, but it didn’t matter 🙂

Then came the familiar part,.. die cutting loads (as you’d expect from me) of poinsettias,.. I used one of my older Spellbinders sets as it gives me a single petal that I can build up to make the large poinsettia in the middle..

I’ve used my own brand pearls (love these!) for the centres of my poinsettias and gave the red pearls a little whitewash too 🙂

Poinsettia Canvas 3

Now, and I will admit this, I am slightly (ok, not slightly) addicted to the air dry clay and moulds, which is how I created the baubles and holly and letters for this project.. it’s amazing! Honestly, if you have never tried it, please treat yourself to a pack of clay and a mould and have a go,.. it’s so easy and they are so light!

So, clearly I had fun with the moulds, but more importantly, it meant I could use our Cosmic Shimmer Chalk paints to make them whatever colour I wanted.

For the letters, I painted them red and washed some white over that after they had dried,.. the white baubles are also painted white, then I made a pva glue wash (water and glue mix), painted them with this, then covered them in Diamond Frost glitter,.. by doing this, it meant I kept all the detail of the holly leaves 🙂

Now, you wouldn’t believe how much trouble I had finding the pine cones!, but I did,… on the park where we walk Rufus ha ha, these were given a light whitewash too with the white gesso (must have!) as opposed to chalk paint (it’s just a little bit stronger in colour)

The layout took some getting right,.. I did (if I’m honest) have to make 5 more poinsettias!) and then just played around until I was happy where everything went, then stuck everyhthing on (little tip for you – take a photo of your layout before you start sticking it together, you can check the photo as you go along)

(I used my trusty Cosmic Shimmer PVA Glue for everything except the pine cones (used my hot glue gun)

And here it is (finally, I hear you say)

Poinsettia Canvas

I really hope you like it,.. I absolutely love it, love the techniques, love the products, love the style, love the whole process and finished result!

I have already started my next one and will take photos step by step so I can do a step by step post for you next time, if you’re like me, you like to see how things look as we go along… 🙂

You’ll also notice, there is no metal on this canvas,… that was by design, but the next one… well,….

Now (I’m off to play with my new stamps,.. my last new release of 2018 and they are AMAZING!!!)

(you will see them at Ally Pally if you’re coming or on Hochanda at the end of September)

Happy Crafting!

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Pixie Powders, Acetate & Hexagons!

Hello Crafters

I’m a huge fan of Pixie Powders!

If you’ve met me at any craft shows or any of my workshops, you’ll know that (so far!) I’ve painted with them, added them to clear texture paste, misted with them, added them to my own colour pearl texture paste, made backgrounds with them, stamped with them, made die cut flowers fabulous with them and the list goes on!

Such an inexpensive product, but sooo many ways to use them!

My latest ‘fad’, is using them with acetate and tissue paper (thank to my mate Julia!), you know me,.. if I can find a ‘cleaner’ way to do things, then I will (so I did!)

Here is a little list of what I used (with links to my website, should you ‘need’ to treat yourself to any of the products)

This 8×8 card here is one of mine that we recreated at our November Craftathon last Sunday (huge thanks to everyone who made this such an amazing day!)


This is soooooo easy to do! Here we go:

I’ll tell you how I did the pixie on acetate technique as you can see from the photo how I have layered the card and die cuts etc

  • Die cut a hexagon using the double stitched hexagon dies and the heat resistant acetate.
  • Lay the acetate hexagon face down on a blending mat (have you seen my new ones on the website yet??!) then drizzle some of the pva glue all over it, don’t absolutely cover the hexagon in glue though.
  • Mist the glue with water, then spread evenly over the acetate. (don’t worry if there are small gaps in the glue,.. it does tend to recede a little from the acetate)
  • Tap on plenty of pixie powder (I stayed with one colour on this card, but you can go to town if you like and add as many as you want) Again, the acetate does not have to be absolutely covered in pixie powder, but don’t be tight with it ha ha
  • Sprinkle on some glitter if you wish – I’ve found the Diamond Frost glitters work best for this, but you can use glitter jewels/glitterbits (just don’t use as much with the chunkier ones)
  • Lightly mist with water ahain to make sure there are no ‘chunks’ of pixie powder.
  • Scrunch up your tissue paper, unravel and place all over the glue/pixie’d side.

TOP TIP – Use an acrylic block to press and flatten the tissue paper into the acetate (not your hand!

  • Leave to dry – OK, as we are using heat resistant acetate, you can speed up the drying process with your heat tool, BUT I think it’s best to leave it to dry naturally (as long as your patience will allow) ha ha
  • Assemble your card as per the photo (or however you wish)

It’s a fab technique and, if I’m honest, if I was making this card for myself, with no workshop time constraints, I’d have done some of the poinsettias in acetate too 🙂

Have a play,.. use your fave colours,.. it’s not a specifically Christmas technique, it works on all styles/themes,.. have fun!

Happy Crafting!

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Snowflakes & Colour Cloud & Giveaway Card

Hello Crafters

I love colour cloud blending inks, have you tried them? The special ingredient (no idea what it is) that makes them so easy to apply just makes blending so effortless!

If you’ve ever struggled to get nice, soft blending with ink pads, then colour cloud is for you!

The card I’ve made here is using three of my own colours of colour cloud, Frosty Jade, Frosty Aqua and Decadent Denim… a perfect trio for snowflakey (is that a word??!! it should be!) cards.

If you’ve got to know me, you’ll know that I adore snowflakes as a Christmas ‘theme’, which is why I love my Christmas Snowflakes stamp collection… now, I’ll let you know now that we have very limited stock of these stamps so, if you ‘need’ them, be quick!

Here’s a photo of the card – it’s an 8×8, but would work on any size or shape perfectly.

Christmas 18

To create this card is so easy (even though it’s labour intensive, it’s worth it)

Here is a little list of what I used (with links to my website, should you ‘need’ to treat yourself to any of the products – remember, my stamps are very limited stock)

I used some Scotch removable tape (the one we use for positioning dies – it’s the best and does not leave any residue or tear your card!) to create a ‘mask’ in the centre of the card, this way I could ink over it and know that it won’t go onto the centre part of the topper.. (it’s all one piece, not a second white strip of card added after)

I then stamped and embossed a few random snowflakes with True White Detail Embossing Powder (it’s a proper white) as this enabled me to ink over them without changing the colour 🙂

I started using the Frosty Jade colour cloud first and I used my blending brushes rather than smoothies for this as it’s softer and more gradual…

Using the brushes, I applied the frosty jade side to side, above and below the tape, I then repeated this with Frosty Aqua (but only half way over the jade), I then finished with the Decadent Denim, very lightly, over all the inks (be sure not to be heavy with the last colour as we still want to see some of the colour underneath)

I then (with the tape still on) stamped some random snowflakes above and below the tape in Iced Spruce, Faded Jeans and Peacock Feathers Distress Oxide (stronger, but tonally perfect colours for the colour clouds I used)

I then removed the tape (carefully!) which revealed the lovely white centre panel, which I stamped my Snowflake Border Sentiment into using the same three Distress Oxide pads.

I used the colour clouds to ‘ink the edges’ of the layers as you see on the photo..

Stick it all together, add a bit (I know, not really a ‘bit’!) and away you go! 🙂

It’s really up to you how you matt and layer, I like dimension, but have only ‘raised’ the centre panel on foam tape here..

Anyhoo, I hope you like this card,.. I loved making it! BUT….

I am going to give this card away!

Just leave me a comment on here and/or on my Facebook Page post which relates to this giveaway and I will choose a name randomly on Monday 13th (prob in the evening).. good luck!

Happy Crafting!

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Stained Glass Xmas Card

Good evening!

Here is a Christmas card made at our regular card classes. Our main card has been made with Gunmetal Foundations Card, but we have included other samples made with Rich Red, Merlot and Dark Navy.

This card is made using the Stained Glass Poinsettia Die, Poinsettia Additions Die, Holly Swirl Die, Pine Cone & Greenery Die, Poinsettia Trellis Embossing Folder, Phills Sentimentally Yours Rambling Branch background stamp and Diamond Frost Fine Glitter.  It’s a stunner and so simple to do!

Stage 1 – cut out all the die cut shapes and card layers needed.  Emboss a piece of white card with the Poinsettia Trellis embossing folder.

  • Card Blank – 18cm x 21cm
  • Layer 1 – 17.5cm x 20.5cm (coloured card)
  • Layer 2 – 16.5cm x 19.5cm (white card embossed)
  • Layer 3 – x 17.5cm (coloured card stamped with white embossing powder)
  • Layer 4 – 9.5cm x 12.5cm (white card)
  • Layer 5 – Stained Glass Die in white card  over coloured card

Stage 2 – glue the stained Glass Die Cut onto a piece of coloured card and cut off excess.  Using a quickie glue pen colour in small sections at a time fully and then sprinkle over the Diamond Frost Glitter.  Set aside to dry completely.

Image 1

Stage 3 – use an anti-static dust bag and wipe over the coloured card layer.  Using perfect medium ink up the edge of rambling branch background stamp and work around your piece of card. Heat with heat gun

Stage 4 – Assemble your layers using foam tape where you wish to add dimension.

Stage 5 – shape and add your Poinsettia flowers and other die cuts.  Add some Diamond Frost glitter if you wish. We have used Vintage Berry PVA glue in the centre of the Poinsettias on the Stained Glass section.

Image 2

The Full Card

File 12-10-2017, 14 07 57

Here is what we used with links to our website…..

Other colour samples…

We are always happy for you to replicate our cards in your own style.

Happy Crafting!




Festive Stencils, Texture Paste & Pixie Powders!

Hello Everyone

Now this is just plain ole crazy, right? Two Blog posts on the same day! ha ha

I don’t know if you have seen my new Festive stencils or not, but I absolutely love them! They sold out in about 20 minutes when I had them on Hochanda as part of the Creative Expressions takeover weekend, so I didn’t really get to demo them properly!

They’ve been so popular (and thank you for that!) that I cannot keep stock in either my Nottingham or Sheffield shops for too long, which means you are loving them as much as I do 🙂

I wanted to show you this card, created in two ways, but with the same stencil, Christmas Ornaments,

This first card, let’s call it the red and green one, was created using clear texture paste, with a sprinkle of Lava Red and Emerald Green Pixie Powders, then just a little sprinkle of the fab Diamond Frost (Frosty Dawn option) glitter.

If you haven’t used texture paste before, it’s really easy, just spread through the stencil with a spatula (like spreading butter on toast!) remembering to cover the areas you don’t want paste to go through with Scotch Removable Tape (only one I will use, it doesn’t tear your card!)

Hopefully you can see how clear the baubles are and, perhaps more impressive, how clear the actual sentiment stencil is too (this is a big thing for me, shows hte great quality of these stencils!)

The second card, we’ll call this the Gold and Silver one, was created with my New Gold and Platinum Sparkle Texture Pastes and then a sprinkle of Iced Snow Glitter Jewels to give even more sparkle!

*In both cases* I apply the paste, then remove the stencil before adding anything (pixies/glitter etc)

The sparkle texture pastes are a great way to get used to the technique as they are a little thicker, so a lot more forgiving (less chance of seeping under the stencil)

To recreate these cards, here is a little list of what I used (with links to my website, should you ‘need’ to treat yourself to any of the products.)

Anyhoo, I’ve rattled on long enough! Here are the cards…

Hope you like them, I really love DL sized cards at the moment and the Stencils are great for this size too!

Have a go,.. easy to do and beautiful result, whichever products you use.. 🙂

Happy Crafting!

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Christmas,… Splatterlicious!

Hello Everyone

Who’d have thought it,… that my Splatterilcious stamps would work so well on a really elegant Christmas Card!?

I adore my Splatterlicious range, it’s a bit different to what you’re used to seeing me design as it’s a bit (just a bit) grungy, but the sentiments are just so gorgeous, with tiny swirls and ‘ink splats’ and they heat emboss so well!

Here is the same 7×7 card, one in Royal Blue and the other in Black, to show you how fab they look..

To recreate this card, here is a little list of what I used (with links to my website, should you ‘need’ to treat yourself to any of the products.

Here’s the Royal Blue version:


I used some of the Splatterlicious Textures stamps to create the wintry, frosty background at the base of the card and again, embossed the large square frame stamp,… they look amazing in white embossing powder and really do add some texture!

Here’s the Black version:


Again, I used the textures stamps (different one from the same set) to create the snowy background… it’s remarkable how different these stamps look in white embossing powder! 🙂

Anyhoo, off for a cuppa!

Hope you like these cards and they give you some inspiration 🙂

Happy Crafting!

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