Sentiment Cloud and Ovals

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This card uses Phill’s Sentiment Cloud Stamps and Rubber Background Stamps, along with Sue Wilson Double Pierced Ovals, Orange Blossom Petals and Whimsical Leaves.

The Full Card


Stage 1 – cut out all the layers and die cut pieces needed as follows:

  • Base Card – 21 x 15
  • Layer 1 – 20.5cm x 14.5cm (inked)
  • Layer 2 – 20cm x 14cm (embossed)
  • Sue Wilson dies:
    • Double Pierced Ovals Set A
    • Orange Blossom Petals
    • Whimsical Leaves

Stage 2 – choose two coordinating Distress Oxide Ink Colours. Our sample card uses Ripe Persimmon and Tea Dye.  Using a Smoothie, ink the 1st layer and middle oval alternately with the two colours. Ink your flowers in the lightest of your two colours. On our cards we have also added colour to the leaves, but have kept it quite pale.

Stage 3 – choose a rubber background stamp and ink alternately with the two colours onto the largest oval, making sure you come in enough. Our sample card uses Leafy Background Stamp.


Stage 4 – Use the darkest ink colour to stamp the background stamp onto your flowers.

Stage 5 – choose a sentiment cloud and use one or two colours to stamp the smallest oval.  Apply Clear embossing Powder if you want a shiny finish!

TIP – to get the sentiment in the right place we have inked the sentiment cloud stamp and pressed the oval layer down onto the stamp and rubbed it gently.


Stage 6 – assemble your layers and use foam tape and glitter where you wish!

Here’s what we have used with links to our website if you wish to purchase any items…

We hope you enjoy making this card!

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Other card samples….

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Pretty Border Card

Hello crafters!

Here is another beautiful card made by crafters at our regular workshops.

It uses Phills new DL Collage stamps or Sentiment Clouds, with a pretty embossed border and a delicious spattering of flowers!

Stage 1 – cut out all the layers and die cut pieces needed as below:

  • Base Card – 21 x 14.5 cm
  • Layer 1 – 20.5 x 14 cm (inked)
  • Layer 2 – 20 x 13.5cm (stamped)
  • Layer 3 – 19 x 10 (embossed)
  • Sue Wilson Dies:
    • Pierced Flags
    • Delicate Daisies
    • Camellia

Stage 2 – choose 2 coordinating ink colours. On our main card we have used Faded Jeans and Evergreen Bough Distress Oxides. Ink the edges of the 1st layer about 1 cm in. Then ink the larger pierced flag.

Stage 3 – using the same 2 ink colours, stamp your chosen image onto layer 2. To do this we applied both inks to the stamp and stamped the image in the middle of the card layer first, then stamped above/below to fill in the spaces.

TIP – some of the DL Collage stamps are vertical stamps, so make sure you line the image up and fill in top and bottom. Make sure you re-ink every time. This card looks fab in Landscape too! (See slideshow below)


Stage 3 – colour your flowers! We have used a couple of methods on the flowers in the main sample.

  • One uses Phills new Shimmer Shakers with 2 coordinating colours.
  • The other is done with ink and water. This lightens the ink colour first, so that the same colour can be stamped over and seen. To do this stamped the ink pad directly onto a blending mat to add colour. Then spritz with a little water and run the flower into the colour. Leave to to dry and stamp your image over.

Stage 4 – stamp your chosen sentiment onto the pierced flag. On the main sample card we have the Chalkboard Stamps.


Stage 5 – assemble the first two layers. To create the pretty embossed border, hold this layer over the card and decide how much of the image you want to see. Then tear the embossed layer carefully from top to bottom with some wavy edges to add interest. Lift with foam tape on your card.

TIP – you could ink the edges of the embossed layer if you wish

Stage 6 – shape your flowers, add to your card and add glitter, pearls or pearl PVA as you wish!

Card Samples

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Here’s what we used with links to the www…

We hope you enjoy making this card.



Oxide and Tag Card

Hello Crafters!

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Here is a lovely card made at our regular workshops.  It is uses the ever versatile Distress Oxide ink pads, DL Collage Stamps, Sentiment Cloud Stamps and a selection of background stamps.


Stage 1 – cut all the layers and die cut pieces needed as below:

  • Base Card – A5
  • Layer 1 – 20.5 x 14 – Inked
  • Layer 2 – 20 x 13.5 – Plain
  • Layer 3 – 19.5 x 13 – background
  • Pierced Flag
  • Pierced Tag
  • Petite Butterflies

Stage 2 – choose 3 co-ordinating oxide colours. Using a smoothie apply the 3 colours to the background layer, working from the outside inwards until all the card is coloured.  Colour the edges of the 1st layer with the same 3 inks.  On our main sample card we have used Cracked Pistachio, Seedless Preserves and Broken China.

TIP – take off all the excess colour, so that this layer is more subtle.

Stage 3 – using the same 3 ink colours stamp up the background layer with the following each in a different colour:

  • Sentiment cloud
  • Background Stamp
  • Splat or DL Collage Stamp

Stage 4 – using the same 3 ink colours stamp up the pierced tags, working with 1 tag at a time.  On our main sample card with have also used Clear Embossing Powder over the top of the Oxide Inks to add extra shine.

Stage 5 – stamp you chosen sentiment onto the pierced flag.  Again we have used Clear Embossing Powder

Stage 6 – layer up your card, using foam tape to lift the 3 tags up.  Glitter the edges of the tags and flag with Twinkles Glitter Glue and add the 3 butterflies.  We have also added some seam binding or twine to our tags.

The Full Card

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Here’s what we used with links to the website…..

We hope you enjoying making this card!


Sentiment Cloud with Distress Oxides

Hello Crafters!

Here is a card made by crafters at our regular workshops. All cards featured are made by our crafters 🙂

This card uses Phill’s new Sentiment Cloud Stamps and Distress Oxide Inks.  It also features Sue Wilson Peony Flower, Maidenhair Fern and Pierced Flags.


Stage 1 – Cut out all the layers and die cut pieces needed as below:

  • Card Blank – 21cm x 17.5cm
  • Layer 1 – 20cm x 16.5cm
  • Layer 2 – 19.5cm x 16cm (embossed)
  • Layer 3 – 16.5cm x 13cm
  • Layer 4 – 16cm x 12.5cm (cloud stamp)
  • Pierced Flags
  • Complete Peony

Stage 2 – To colour the embossed layer use a brayer and ink up your chosen Distress Oxide Colour.  Lightly run the brayer over the embossed side (don’t put too much pressure on).  You might need to re-ink a few times.


Stage 3 – To stamp the Senitment Cloud you need to stamp in twice.  Ink the Sentiment Cloud generously with the Distress Oxide and stamp the top half, pressing firmly.  Apply clear embossing powder over the stamped image and use a heat gun to gently set the powder to a lovely glossy finish. Repeat with bottom half of the layer.

TIP – Don’t worry if there is a slight gap where the two stamps meet; this will be hidden with the pierced flag.


Stage 4 – To colour the flowers press the Distress ink onto a blending mat so that there is a good covering.  Spray with water until small droplets appear, then rub the flowers into the colour.  Leave to dry naturally as this will create a lovely effect.

TIP – some of our lovely crafters added a background stamp over their flowers to create more interest.  This is a lovely effect!

Stage 5 – Stamp your chosen sentiment onto the Pierced Flag and add clear embossing powder if you wish

Stage 6 – Shape your flowers and assemble your layers, using foam tape on the top layers to add dimension.  Add pearls or Pearl PVA to the centre of the flower and any glitter as you wish.

Here is the full card in different colour ways….

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Here is what we used with links to our www….

Enjoy making this simple, but stunning card!