DL Stamps and Shimmer Shakers

Hello crafters!

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This card is made using Phills DL Collage Stamps, 8×8 Stencils, Clear Texture Paste and Shimmer Shakers.Β  The dies we have used are Sue Wilson’s Mosaic Bauble Background, Delicate Daisies and Splendid Swirls.

The Full Card

Uses Ice Blue, Warm Copper and Sparkle Snow Shimmer Shakers. Tumbled Glass and Vintage Photo Distress Oxide Inks. Diamond Trails Stencil. Masculine Paraphernalia Stamp.

Stage 1 – Cut out all the layers and die cut shapes needed as below:

  • Base Card – 21cm x 18cm
  • Layer 1 – 20.5cm x 17.5cm (colour)
  • Layer 2 – 20cm x 17cm (stencil)
  • Die Cuts:
    • Mosaic Bauble (Full Rectangle Frame, Plain Outer Frame, Mosaic Outer Frame, middle rectangle)
    • Delicate Daisies
    • Splendid Swirl

Stage 2 – choose an 8×8 stencil and two coordinating Shimmer Shakers. Apply the clear texture paste through the stencil and tap over the shimmer shakers whilst the stencil is still in place. Remove the stencil and add more shaker if needed. Set aside to dry.

Stage 3 – use the same two shimmer shakers and colour the plain outer frame and delicate daisies. Set aside to dry


Stage 4 – choose a DL Collage stamp and two coordinating Distress Oxide Ink Pads and stamp the middle rectangle piece


Stage 5 – assemble all layers using foam tape where you wish and glitter

Card Samples

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Here’s what we used with links to the http://www..

We hope you enjoy making this card!



Mixed Media – My Way!

Hi Everyone

It’s funny isn’t it,.. how we think we can’t do something,.. until we have a go. (this is a long post, but hey, it’s the first one I’ve done for ages! ha ha)

That’s just like me and ‘mixed media’,.. I NEVER thought it would be ‘my thing’, although I do use lots of different products in my card making like paints, waxes, ink misters, pastes and so on… and there are no rules that say ‘mixed media’ has to be dark and gloomy,.. which you’ll never really see from me,.. even when I do my collage stamps,.. they’re pretty ha ha

So, I’m going to take you on a little mixed media journey with me, as I learn how to apply all the skills I already have (and learn new ones!) into what we call ‘mixed media’, but done my way.

Mixed Media – in my mind, is quite simply using different textures, products, materials, techniques and styles to create something unique.. there’s no right or wrong, just what you want it to be,.. for me,.. that’s pretty πŸ™‚

I have created 3 canvasses now, two that I created for my Crafternoon Tea Workshops in our Nottingham and Sheffield Honeypot Crafts stores and one that I finished yesterday, that I have lovingly spent a long time getting right (it will be part of my festive dining room decoration for years to come!)

You can see my Crafternoon Tea Workshop ones over onΒ My Pinterest page, these are 8×8 canvasses, which felt ‘safe’ to start with as it’s my favourite size of card!

This one I’m going to show you is a 20″ x 12″ canvas,.. see, I got brave after the first two and went bigger!

I found that preparation really is key, getting the base textures right and planning (you know I like to be organised!) my embellishments etc

I have two textures on my base, one created from Soft White Texture Paste (absolute must have)(the woody look, done first) and the other from our White Crackle Paste (added after), here’s a little close up of them both..

Once both layers were dry, I painted with White Gesso – twice, to make sure it was covered thoroughly πŸ™‚

Poinsettia Canvas 2Poinsettia Canvas 1

You will also notice the fab little white balls, these are artsy stones by Crafters Companion and fab for adding texture, even easier to paint your chosen colour! These were dropped into the texture paste when it was still wet so that they set into it as it dried,.. I did lose a few on the painting stage, but it didn’t matter πŸ™‚

Then came the familiar part,.. die cutting loads (as you’d expect from me) of poinsettias,.. I used one of my older Spellbinders sets as it gives me a single petal that I can build up to make the large poinsettia in the middle..

I’ve used my own brand pearls (love these!) for the centres of my poinsettias and gave the red pearls a little whitewash too πŸ™‚

Poinsettia Canvas 3

Now, and I will admit this, I am slightly (ok, not slightly) addicted to the air dry clay and moulds, which is how I created the baubles and holly and letters for this project.. it’s amazing! Honestly, if you have never tried it, please treat yourself to a pack of clay and a mould and have a go,.. it’s so easy and they are so light!

So, clearly I had fun with the moulds, but more importantly, it meant I could use our Cosmic Shimmer Chalk paints to make them whatever colour I wanted.

For the letters, I painted them red and washed some white over that after they had dried,.. the white baubles are also painted white, then I made a pva glue wash (water and glue mix), painted them with this, then covered them in Diamond Frost glitter,.. by doing this, it meant I kept all the detail of the holly leaves πŸ™‚

Now, you wouldn’t believe how much trouble I had finding the pine cones!, but I did,… on the park where we walk Rufus ha ha, these were given a light whitewash too with the white gesso (must have!) as opposed to chalk paint (it’s just a little bit stronger in colour)

The layout took some getting right,.. I did (if I’m honest) have to make 5 more poinsettias!) and then just played around until I was happy where everything went, then stuck everyhthing on (little tip for you – take a photo of your layout before you start sticking it together, you can check the photo as you go along)

(I used my trusty Cosmic Shimmer PVA Glue for everything except the pine cones (used my hot glue gun)

And here it is (finally, I hear you say)

Poinsettia Canvas

I really hope you like it,.. I absolutely love it, love the techniques, love the products, love the style, love the whole process and finished result!

I have already started my next one and will take photos step by step so I can do a step by step post for you next time, if you’re like me, you like to see how things look as we go along… πŸ™‚

You’ll also notice, there is no metal on this canvas,… that was by design, but the next one… well,….

Now (I’m off to play with my new stamps,.. my last new release of 2018 and they are AMAZING!!!)

(you will see them at Ally Pally if you’re coming or on Hochanda at the end of September)

Happy Crafting!

Phill Signature 2

Texture Paste, Stencil and DL stamps

Hello crafters!

Here is a Card made by crafters at our regular workshops. Β It uses Phills new 8×8 Stencils with glittery Sparkle Texture Paste! It also features his gorgeous DL Collage stamps with three different colours of embossing powders.


Stage 1 – cut out all the layers and die cut pieces needed as below:

  • Card Base- 18x18cm
  • Layer 1 – 17x17cm coloured/Texture Paste
  • Layer 2 – 14 x 14 plain
  • Layer 3 – 13.5 x 13.5 colour
  • Layer 4 – 12.5 x 12.5 plain
  • Layer 5 – 11.5 x 11.5 colour/embossed
  • Maggie Die and Topper
  • Oak Leaf Swag
  • Succulent Garden

Stage 2 – choose your 8×8 stencil and 2 or 3 sparkle texture paste colours. Our main card uses the Summer Meadow stencil and platinum, new gold and copper sparkle texture paste. Tape down the stencil over the card layer and apply the texture paste, using smooth strokes in the same direction. Set aside to dry.


TIP – Be careful to wipe your spatula when you change colours or blend so as not to contaminate the other pots.

Stage 3 – choose your DL Collage stamp and co-ordinating detail embossing powder to use on the top layer. Wipe with an anti static dust bag. You need to tackle this layer in two halves! Apply perfect medium to the stamp and stamp the image on one half. Apply the detail embossing powder one colour at a time in separate areas. When all three colours are applied use a heat gun to set. Repeat on other half.

TIP – make sure you apply the embossing powder one at a time and tip the excess powder back into the pot after each colour!

Stage 4 – if you wish to stamp your flowers use the same method above with the anti static bag etc. Work with a couple of flowers at a time to apply the embossing powder. Choose your sentiment for the topper.

TIP – you can apply the embossing powder to all the flowers first and then heat them all at once


Stage 5 – apply the layers, using foam tape where you wish. Shape the flowers and assemble!

The Full Card

Card Gallery

Here’s what we used with links to our website if you wish to purchase the items…

We hope you enjoy making this card!