Woodgrain Botanicals – Hibiscus by Alison Stroud

Craft Skill Level: Beginner

Time To Make: 30-45 mins


Card Blank is C5 size.

Cut a piece of Fabulous Fuchsia cardstock  2/8” smaller than the blank and Mandarin Burst 2/8” smaller than the Fuchsia, mat and layer these to the card blank using foam tape.

Cut a piece of Pure White cardstock 2/8” smaller than the mandarin burst card.

Using two pieces of removable tape mask off a panel in the centre of the card and using the two contrasting colours of Distress Oxides and smoothies randomly ink the two outside panels making sure you don’t colour right over the tape.

Once the ink is dry remove the tape.

Using two new pieces of tape carefully place a piece on each side of the white panel, with the tape being over the coloured panel. This will ensure that the stamped image will not mark the coloured sides.

Wipe the white area with an antistatic pad.

Ink up the stamp using embossing ink and stamp the bottom section of the card so the bottom of the stem is at the bottom edge. Re-ink the stamp and stamp the top section of the card to just meet the first stamped image. (You could add the  silver embossing powder to the first stamped image so you can see where to stamp the image again more easily).

REMEMBER to remove the tape before heat embossing.

Add silver embossing powder over the whole section and heat to set.

On a spare scrap of white card stamp and emboss the image twice more, and  fussy cut three flowers.

Using the oxides and a water brush, colour the middle of all the flowers with picked raspberry,( I then dabbed with a piece of kitchen roll to take a bit of the colour out). Then, using the same process colour the outer of the flowers with the carved pumpkin, and then the leaves with the bundled sage.

Using foam tape, add this layer to the card blank.

Attach the flowers to card, as in the photo, to give some dimension and to hide the join between the stamps.

Stamp the sentiments required using the embossing ink and coloured powders alternating colours, then cut out using the stitched torn dies. Attach to the left side of the card.

Complete by adding a large pearl in each corner.

Products Used…

Sentimentally Yours

Other Products…


Friday Live Card – 1st May

Here is the card Phill made during his Friday Live with Phill on 1st May.

It’s made using the new A6 Big Birthday Verses, Beautiful Brushstrokes Terranova Paper Packs, Sweetheart Flower Stamps & Dies, Textural Temptations Stamps, Cobalt Blue Cardstock, Double Debossed Plain and Rounded Corner Square Dies, Leaf Dies.

On the live video he uses a different colourway, with the Olive Grove Cardstock.  He uses Milled Lavender and Bundled Sage to ink the pattern inside.

The Full Card

Stage 1 – cut out all the layers and die cuts as below:

  • Card Blank – 21 x 21cm (cut as in stage 2)
  • Layer 1 – Card – 20.5 x 10.5cm
  • Layer 2 – Papers – 20 x 10cm
  • Layer 3 – Card – 20.5cm x 20.5cm (inside)
  • Layer 4 – Papers – 20 x 20cm (inside)
  • Die Cut Squares in coloured card, white card and the papers,
  • Flower Dies – some with card and some with vellum
  • Leaf Dies

Stage 2 – Cut the card blank front to the size, by measuring down 10cm from the top and cutting off, leaving an 11cm panel on the bottom.

Stage 3 – Stamp your chosen Big Birthday Verse onto the Square Paper Die Cut layer for the front with the Pure White Embossing Powder.  Choose a smaller sentiment for the inside layer.

(Don’t forget your anti-static bag)

Stage 4 – Stamp your chosen Textural Temptations stamp around the edge of the paper layer for the inside with Distress Oxides for a more subtle finish.  Phill also gently wiped over the ink to smudge it a little.  He then stamped a different texture pattern with the Pure White Embossing Powder.

Use one of the Distress Oxide Inks to shabby up the edges – after you’ve done the stamping.

Stamp the front paper layer with a texture stamp and Pure White Embossing Powder.

Stage 5 – Glue all the flat layers together on the front and inside.  Raise the front verse on foam tape and attach to the white square layer. Phill has then lifted the bottom part on foam tape. Glitter the edges

Stage 6 – Stamp and die cut the flowers you would like to use on either the cardstock or vellum.  Phill used the Sakura Gelly Roll pens to add some sparkle.

Stage 7 – assemble the card and add the flowers, leaves and glitter.

Here’s what we used with links to our www….

Sentimentally Yours


We hope you enjoy making this card!

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Friday Live Card – 24th April 2020

Here is the card Phill made during his Friday Facebook Live on 24th April.

It uses the Sentiment Medallion Wrap and Coins,  Romantique Flower Dies, Double Debossed Circle Dies. This card uses the Olive Grove and Pure White Card Stock and Olive Vine Embossing Powders.  It also has Porcelain White Pearls in the centre of the flowers.

On Phills live show he used Storm Grey Card with Smokey Quartz Embossing Powder, Vellum, Enchanting Flowers Dies and the Triple Layering Diamond Stencils. He also mixed Diamond Dazzle, Luna Holographic and Rainbow Crystals Glitters! Lush!


Stage 1 – cut out all the layers needed as below

  • Card blank is 23 x 17.5cm
  • 1st layer – Olive – 22 x 16.5cm
  • 2nd layer – White – 21 x 15.5cm
  • 3rd Layer – Olive Embossed – 18 x 13cm
  • Strip – 3cm wide
  • Circle Die Layers (Except the Wrap and Coins)
  • Flower Dies.

Stage 2 – stamp the Medallion Wrap onto White Card using the Olive Vine Embossing Powders.  Stamp the Sentiment Coins onto white and the small words onto Olive Grove.  Use the Circle Dies to cut these out for layering later.

Stage 3 –  Using the Embossing Powder, stamp the borders onto the strip of card. Then add the centre part design of your choice.

Stage 4 – Layer up the circle dies and other card layers onto the card blank. Use foam tape where you wish. Glitter the edges where you like!

Stage 5 –  Use the extras on the Medallion Wraps to stamp each petal on the plain white flowers.  Assemble the flowers and allow the glue to dry a little.

Stage 6 – add the flowers, leaves and pearls to your card!

Here’s what we used with links to the website…..

Sentimentally Yours


We hope you enjoy making this card!

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A6 Life Quotes – Facebook Live Card

Here’s the card that Phill made on Facebook.

It is made using the Double Debossed Corner Rectangles, Lush Leaves, Leafy Fronds and Elegance Flower Dies and Stamps. And also the new Life Quotes A6 Stamps released on Hochanda a few weeks ago.


Stage 1 – Cut out all the layers needed as below:

  • Card Blank is 23cm x 19cm
  • Layer 1 – 21cm x 17cm
  • Layer 2 – Double Debossed Corner Rectangle – Background
  • Layer 3 – Double Debossed Corner Rectangle – A6 Life Quote Stamp
  • Leafy Frond
  • Lush Leaves

Stage 2 –  Wipe the smallest rounded corner rectangle layer with the anti-static dust bag.  Stamp the ‘Special Day Life Quote’  with the Perfect Medium and cover with Cracked Pepper Premium Embossing Powder. Colour in elements of the stamp with the watercolour brush blending pens.

TIP – Scribble the pen onto a blending mat and pick up with a water brush to create a faded finish.

Stage 3 – Stamp the extra elements onto the labels white layer. Speed the process up by adding a few to the stamping block and only stamp the edges!

Stage 4 – Stamp the flowers onto white card and use the dies to cut out

TIP – When lining the dies up, you should be able to see just a small bit of the black outline.

Stage 5 – Colour the flowers with the Watercolour Blending Brush Pens.

TIP – I coloured in a little scribble near the centre then used the waterbrush supplied in the set to drag the colour out.

Stage 6 – Assemble the layers and arrange the flowers and leaves.  Add the Spearmint Waves Ombre Pearls.

Here’s what we used with links to our www….

We hope you enjoy making this card!

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Sneaky Peek – Sweetheart Flower Stamps & Dies

Hello Crafters,

I know, I know – it’s been like, forever since I did a blog post… I will endeavour to do better! 🙂 (although Karen has been doing a fab job!)

I wanted to show you this card that I made, which you may have seen on my last shows on Hochanda, but I discreetly didn’t mention the flower stamps and dies that I used on air as I was saving them for my 1 year Anniversary (can you believe it’s been a whole year already!) Weekend Wow shows coming up on Friday 28th February to Sunday 1st March (more details will follow soon)

I love this card,.. it’s no secret that I like to add the odd flower or two (OK, 22) to my cards, which is what made designing the stamps and matching dies such a joy… I’ll be honest, it’s taken a while, I wanted them perfect… beautiful and perfect, I hope, when you see them all, you will agree it was worth the wait 😉

So, here it is, my Sapphire Blue Gatefold Card in all its’ Floral Splendour….



I absolutely loved making this card, love the colours, love the stamped and embossed flower stamps, loved die cutting them (so easy with the dies) love the Classic Sentiment Coins and Medallion and loved the best part, assembling it all!

It’s an 8×8 Gatefold Card, created by joining 2 8×8 card blanks together.

If you want a list of what I used, let me know and I’ll pop it on here.

Set your planner for my weekend wow shows,.. you will have three days of me and two days of Julia between next Friday and Sunday and I have some amazing new products to show you!

Hope you like it 🙂

Happy Crafting

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Folded Card – Bohemian Stamps

Hello crafters!

Here is our latest blog post.  We have received so many requests for instructions to make this beautiful card.  It was designed by the lovely Joanne who works in our Sheffield store.

This card uses square card blanks, Phill’s Bohemian Stamps, Sue Wilson Grace Die and Orange Blossom Petals Die and Ditsress Oxides (our favourite ink for versatility) and Opal Polish

The Full Card

Aged Magohany and Tea Dye Oxide

Stage 1 – cut out all the layers and due cut shaped need as follows:

  • x2 square card blanks 15cm x 15cm
    • Layer 1 – 14.5cm x 14.5cm – inside layer stamped
    • Layer 2 – 14cm x 14cm – pull out polished
    • Layer 3 – 13.5cm x 13.5 cm – pull out stamped
    • Layer 4 – 12.5cm x 12.5cm – pull out polished
    • Layer 5 -12cm x 12cm – pull out stamped (top image)
  • Sue Wilson Grace Die
  • Sue Wilson – small orange blossom petals in open and closed
  • Piece of rbbon

Stage 2 – cut the front of each base card diagonally from the outside corner to inside corner to create the fold over.  Using the off cuts, take off 1/2 cm from both straight edges to create the stamped layer for the fronts.

Stage 2 – use the opal polish to colour all the appropriate layers (2, 4). We have also used the polish on the fold over fronts and on the inside top edge of x1 card blank. Add polish to the solid flowers and edge of the die cut topper.

Stage 3 – use Phill’s Bohemian stamps to decorate the remaining layers as follows:

  • Corner Stamp on front off cuts
  • Elements on inside layer 1 – this is behind the pull out card on the photo.  You only need to stamp halfway down. You could also use the full background stamp for this layer.
  • Elements on layer 3 – you only need stamp around the edge of this layer as you see very little.  We also stamped off the edges.
  • Flourish or Banner stamps on layer 5 – we also used clear embossing powder to make this image stand out more.
  • Sentiments on topper – we used clear embossing powder as well

Stage 4 – assemble the layers.  We stuck layers 4 and 5 together and then added the ribbon on the back of this before we stuck it down to layer 3 and 4.


Stage 5 – to glue the folder over down firstly decide which fold will be front and behind panel. Open out both folds and apply a thin layer of glue to the bottom edge only of the behind panel. Close this fold and hold in place so the glue grabs. For the front panel apply a thin layer of glue along the bottom edge again and then make a  triangle of  glue where it will cross over with the behind panel and stick down.

Stage 6 – stick on the topper and flowers on and add glitter if you wish!

More card samples…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We hope you enjoy making this card as much as we did in our workshops!

Here’s what we used with links to the www….

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Lavish Leaves & Distress Oxide – No Flowers!

Hello Crafters

So, you know how I love my die cut flowers (lots of them) on my cards,.. well, I wanted to showcase my favourite stamp collection this year (yep, it’s my fave!), the Lavish leaves Collection, but wanted to show you a different style 🙂

I adore embossing with embossing powders and love all the different ways we can do this, so, it comes as no surprise that I love using clear embossing powder with my distress oxide ink pads (this is the main reason why I love these pads!)

I made this card for my workshops this week, particularly so I could use the stunning Lavish Leaves Vintage Frame Stamp, but also to play around with the distress oxide pads and water!

So, as always, here is a little list of what I used (with links to my website, should you ‘need’ to treat yourself to any of the products so you can recreate this card)

Just so you know, this is an 8×8 card blank, cut down to 17cm wide (17×21) 🙂


As always, I wont bore you with the layout as you can see how I put it all together, here are the ‘juicy’ bits 🙂

  • I stamped the Lavish Leaves Vintage Frame with all 3 colours of distress oxide then added clear embossing powder and heated (it looks amazing in ‘real life’, all glossy)
  • I did the same with the sentiment and the background stamp on the corners of the centre topper, but used only two colours.
  • The background was created using all 3 distress oxides and I used my fab new blending mat as it enabled me to move the inks around on my mat with the smoothies and get that fab, soft blend of colours that you see on the photo (no harsh lines!)
  • I them misted my background stamp with water and stamped onto the background, just randomly and in nor order, to create that lovely watermark effect..

TOP TIP – Don’t get the stamp saturated – just a few mists of water – UNLESS you want a ‘proper’ washed out effect, as I did in some areas on the background – have fun! Distress Oxides are water reactive so by misting the stamp with water, it removes (amost) the ink 🙂

  •  The leaves were created in the same way as the background, by blending a few colours of the oxide ink pads, but instead of stamping with water, I literally just flicked water onto them (you can add as little or as much as you like)
  • The ‘skeleton’ leaves were embossed with the gold detail embossing powder for contrast.
  • The gorgeous Oak Leaf Swag was left plain and just a touch of Glacier Ice added – again, to balance the colours and just add a hint of sparkle)

Anyhoo, I hope you like this Autumnal Card (try it in brighter colours too, it would look just as good!)

Happy Crafting!

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Snowflakes & Colour Cloud & Giveaway Card

Hello Crafters

I love colour cloud blending inks, have you tried them? The special ingredient (no idea what it is) that makes them so easy to apply just makes blending so effortless!

If you’ve ever struggled to get nice, soft blending with ink pads, then colour cloud is for you!

The card I’ve made here is using three of my own colours of colour cloud, Frosty Jade, Frosty Aqua and Decadent Denim… a perfect trio for snowflakey (is that a word??!! it should be!) cards.

If you’ve got to know me, you’ll know that I adore snowflakes as a Christmas ‘theme’, which is why I love my Christmas Snowflakes stamp collection… now, I’ll let you know now that we have very limited stock of these stamps so, if you ‘need’ them, be quick!

Here’s a photo of the card – it’s an 8×8, but would work on any size or shape perfectly.

Christmas 18

To create this card is so easy (even though it’s labour intensive, it’s worth it)

Here is a little list of what I used (with links to my website, should you ‘need’ to treat yourself to any of the products – remember, my stamps are very limited stock)

I used some Scotch removable tape (the one we use for positioning dies – it’s the best and does not leave any residue or tear your card!) to create a ‘mask’ in the centre of the card, this way I could ink over it and know that it won’t go onto the centre part of the topper.. (it’s all one piece, not a second white strip of card added after)

I then stamped and embossed a few random snowflakes with True White Detail Embossing Powder (it’s a proper white) as this enabled me to ink over them without changing the colour 🙂

I started using the Frosty Jade colour cloud first and I used my blending brushes rather than smoothies for this as it’s softer and more gradual…

Using the brushes, I applied the frosty jade side to side, above and below the tape, I then repeated this with Frosty Aqua (but only half way over the jade), I then finished with the Decadent Denim, very lightly, over all the inks (be sure not to be heavy with the last colour as we still want to see some of the colour underneath)

I then (with the tape still on) stamped some random snowflakes above and below the tape in Iced Spruce, Faded Jeans and Peacock Feathers Distress Oxide (stronger, but tonally perfect colours for the colour clouds I used)

I then removed the tape (carefully!) which revealed the lovely white centre panel, which I stamped my Snowflake Border Sentiment into using the same three Distress Oxide pads.

I used the colour clouds to ‘ink the edges’ of the layers as you see on the photo..

Stick it all together, add a bit (I know, not really a ‘bit’!) and away you go! 🙂

It’s really up to you how you matt and layer, I like dimension, but have only ‘raised’ the centre panel on foam tape here..

Anyhoo, I hope you like this card,.. I loved making it! BUT….

I am going to give this card away!

Just leave me a comment on here and/or on my Facebook Page post which relates to this giveaway and I will choose a name randomly on Monday 13th (prob in the evening).. good luck!

Happy Crafting!

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Butterfly Elegance – Timeless Elegance…

Hello Crafters

You know when you hear me say (all the time I know!) on TV that my stamp collections are ‘timeless’ and ‘won’t go out of fashion’,. well, I was just going through my photo albums on my computer (looks like I need another new one so I’m making sure everything is saved!), well I had a look through my Butterfly Elegance folder and was reminded of just how pretty these stamps are,..

Granted, they were only from summer last year (2016), but this card made me think, it’s still as lovely now as it was last year, so I wanted to show you… just in case you didn’t or haven’t seen the collection..

I remember making this card (which is a miracle as I generally make about 50 a month!) and thinking at the time how beautiful my Frosty Mink embossing powder was (still do!) 🙂


There is a fair bit of embossing on this card!

Some of the daisies were double embossed (push the die cut flowers into perfect medium, then add the embossing powder, heat up and repeat – 2 layers are best)

The gorgeous, intricate Butterflies in the background are also embossed (in the usual way)

The embossing folder is also embossed (told you I liked the Frosty Mink embossing powder! ha ha), to do this, you just brayer perfect medium onto the raised side of the embossing folder, emboss in your machine, take the card out and add the embossing powder and heat,.. it will stick to where the perfect medium was applied (in the debossed side is best)

The ‘Mum’ die cut is also embossed in the same way as the daisies..

I love the classy look and feel of this card,..

To recreate this card, here is a little list of what I used (with links to my website, should you ‘need’ to treat yourself to any of the products)

I’m going to try and show you more of the colours from my Cosmic Shimmer collections over the coming weeks,.. it’s so easy to forget we have these coordinating products, but they are so fab to work with and make it so easy to have matching products in the same colour 🙂

Anyhoo, hope you like the card… have a go (it looks fab in any of the Frosty Colours – I’ve got a Frosty Jade card to show you soon!)

Happy Crafting!

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New Lavish Leaves – Sneaky Peeks!

Hello Crafters!

It’s Sunday afternoon, I’ve just mashed a cuppa, so thought I’d share a few sneaky peeks of sample cards made with my new Lavish Leaves Collection of stamps 🙂

I can’t begin to tell you how much of a ‘labour of love’ these stamps were,.. the detail in them is simply incredible (even if I say so myself ha ha), I’ve really pushed the boundaries of what a photopolmer stamp can do! You only need look at the leaves, particularly in the flourishes and sentiments, to see what I mean…

I’ll be launching these stamps on Hochanda on October 30th at 6pm with a One Day Special, but you can get them now on my website with a time limited 20% off the RRP as a special introductory offer (here’s a quick link – Lavish Leaves Collection)

This is the first time that I have ever done mix and match sentiments too 🙂 You can now create your own phrases using the individual sentiment stamps and both sets work so well together! I thought it would make a nice change instead of being restricted to the phrases I put together,.. more choice, more ways to use them! (what do you think?)

*Top Tip* These stamps look amazing in autumnal colours and spring colours!! (leaves aren’t just for autumn ha ha

There will be some giveaways over on my Honeypot Crafts and Sentimentally Yours Facebook pages during my One Day Special Shows so please make sure you have ‘liked’ both of these pages to be in with a chance to win 🙂

Anyhoo, here’s a little slideshow of some of the sample cards that have been made with these beautiful stamps,.. to give you a little inspiration… 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope you like them 🙂

Happy Crafting!

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