Stencils, Glitter Kiss and Sparkly Fingers

Hello Everyone

I wanted to show you this card, that we made at my workshops last week, making good use of Cosmic Shimmer Glitter Kiss and my Sentimentally Yours Stencils.

Have you used/tried Glitter Kiss yet? It’s an amazing product that can be used with stencils, embossing folders, direct to mdf/card, painted with, applied with a spatula to mixed media projects for texture and even to just cover your scraps of card with lovely sparklyness to be die cut at a later date!

It also dries waaaay quicker than regular texture paste!

The glitter in Glitter Kiss is the Cosmic Shimmer Polished Silk glitter, which is ultra fine, tiny, tiny specks of glitter and this makes it easy to work with and very different to Sparkle Texture Paste. The colours in Glitter Kiss are incredible and you can ‘build up’ layers of these colours and they won’t just all blob into one colour (technical term ha ha)

Here are two cards I made with my workshops last week, very different colours, very different finish (just imagine the Blue/Silver one as a Christmas Card with my Snowflakes Stencil!)

So, as always, here is a little list of what I used (with links to my website, should you ‘need’ to treat yourself to any of the products so you can recreate this card)

To begin, I applied the lighter colour of the Glitter Kiss through my stencil onto a solid stitched hexagon die cut (make sure it’s a little bigger than the aperture from the frame)(I used my Spatula, why mess about with doing hundreds of swipes with a sponge when the spatula does it more easily!), then left this to one side for 5 – 10 minutes to give it some drying time (leave the stencil on). When you come back to it, the glitter kiss will be ‘touch’ dry, I then added the second, darker colour of glitter kiss in random areas (making sure I didn’t cover the base colour). If you look at the two cards I made, you’ll see I did ‘random’ on the Ice Blue/Green card and tried to do all the bottom left corners of the stencil design (not being too careful) on the Blue Teal/Silver Chrome one)… just gives it a different look 🙂

You can then remove the stencil and leave to dry (only takes 20 – 30 mins)

Whilst that was drying, I did the embossed piece of card… this is soooo easy!

As before, using my lightest colour of glitter kiss, I applied a small amount to my applicator sponge and with very light, sweeping morions, went from left to right across the piece of card. I did this on all the bits that would be visible. This dried very quickly, in fact, by the time you get to the bottom part of the card, the top will have dried!

(TOP TIP – Make sure you don’t have any lumps of glitter kiss on your applicator sponge as they will bet stuck in the debossed areas of the card)

Just build up the amount of glitter kiss you have on the embossed areas until you’re happy.

I then turned my card around and did the same thing with the second, darker colour. What you end up with is a beautiful, glittery, two toned piece of embossed card (there’s just no other way you can achieve this so easily, not that I’ve found anyway)

To cover the die cut daisies and butterfly etc, just dab the glitter kiss straight on with your finger (don’t rub, as that just moves the product around) and repeat in the two colours until you’re happy with the finish. Trust me when I say, the glitter kiss just wipes off your finger/mats etc with a grime boss and it washes off your stencils easily in warm soapy water. You will have a lovely, sparkly finger!

To add the sentiment (this is why I love my corner sentiments), I used two co-ordinating colours of Distress Oxide ink pads and stamped the first half of the stamp on one section of the hexagon, then repeated on the next section of hexagon (clever, eh) Just remember to mask off the half of stamp you’re not using or you’ll get ink where you don’t want it!

I then just assembled the card as you see in the photos,, (you know me and my love affair with foam tape, there’s foam tape on both layers of the hexagons ha ha)

These are 7×7 cards and would work just as well on a smaller scae or as 8×8 cards with a bit more matting and layering.

Have a go… easy peasy 🙂

Ice Blue and Sea Green
Blue Teal and Silver Chrome

Hope you like these cards too, I’ve loved making them!

Finally, before I go, the winner of my last Giveaway Card (The Mustard Seed/Spiced Marmalade Distress Paints Card) is….

Julie Ironmonger

Well done Julie, can you email me your address to or send me a direct message on Facebook/Twitter etc

Happy Crafting!

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